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The main message widow in the Blog Manager (Blog Posts tab) displays a list of the posts currently loaded into the blog, ordered by date with the most recent at the top of the list. If there are more than 15 posts in your blog, links will appear at the bottom of the table to see other pages.

Posts with an attached image will have a Camera icon.gif symbol between the date and title.

Posts with comments will have a Icon talk.gif symbol - click the icon to manage the comments.

Posts posted via SailBlogs Remote will have a Remote flag.gif symbol between the date and title.

Posts can have 4 status values. On/Off status is changed in the Post Editor with the Display checkbox.

Value Description
On The post is active and visible to visitors
On-Future The post is dated to appear in the future, and once that date happens the message will be active and visible to visitors. Until the date of the post, the post WILL NOT be visible to visitors.
Off Post is not visible to visitors.
Off-Future The post is dated to appear in the future, but since the post is off, it will never appear to visitors regardless of the date.

Clicking on either the date or the message title will open that post in the Post Editor window.

Use the Add New Log Entry link to open the Post Editor and add a new entry.