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The Map Properties controls various options for an XPlot map.

Standard Options

Map Type

SailBlogs maps have been designed to provide quick reference to your current location relative to your previous positions as well as major land masses. NOTE: The map is not intended to be used as navigation or replace a chart, and cannot be "zoomed".

Map type can be one of two options, Coastal (default) or Offshore. Offshore offers a slightly wider view to show progress between continents and avoid "blue maps" (maps that show only water with no reference).

Legend Title

A text field for indication of boat name or blog title.

Enable Google Earth

When checked, a Google Earth network feed (a way for Google Earth to always show current data) will automatically be created. In addition, a link to the feed will appear on the map page of your blog. Refer to the Google Earth Homepage for more information.

Options for Custom Maps

The following options are only available to custom integrations of SailBlogs.

Plot Style

Standard cross or circle.

Current Plot Color

Hex value. The color used to represent the most recent position point.

History Plot Color

Hex value. The color used to represent the non-current plot points.

History Plot Color 2

Hex value. The color used to represent the non-current plot points older than Color Change Date (see below).

Color Change Date

Date to switch history colors. Can be used to show inbound and outbound legs, for example, or after crossing a halfway point, etc.

Show Plot Trace

Yes/No. Connect the points with a line.

Trace Weight

Trace line weight, in pixels.

Show Speed

Yes/No. Show the current speed value in the legend.

Day Limit

Yes/No. If on (checked), map will only show one position only report per day. This is a performance feature designed to limit the number of positions on the map that are received via automatic position reporting devices. With this enabled, the current position is still always the most recent, and positions with blog posts will always be plotted on the map.

Auto Report Subject Flag

Key, ID, or vessel name used in the automatic positions being received from a satellite tracking unit.

Remote Type

Type of unit sending automatic position reports.

Build XJournal (Blog) Links

Yes/No. Build links to blog posts when position is submitted with a post.

Link URL Override

Will override the default link in the map and use this instead. Useful when the website is using the SailBlogs API and the domain is not

Enable Google Maps

Build Google Map data in addition to the standard XPlot map.

Google Earth Header

Override the standard SailBlogs Google Earth KML header information with the data here. Useful for customized solutions needing additional layers, graphics, balloon styles, etc.

Custom Placemark

Main article: Custom Placemark Template

Override the standard SailBlogs placemark with the information here. Used to build custom balloons, etc.

Speed Fence

Main article: Speed Fence

Color Range, in knots. There are 7 color ranges to a speed fence. A value of 4, for example, will set up the 7 ranges to have values of:

  • 0-3 Kts.
  • 4-7 Kts.
  • 8-11 Kts.
  • 12-15 Kts.
  • 16-19 Kts.
  • 20-23 Kts.
  • 24-27 Kts.

A value other than zero will enable the speed fence.