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The Side Link tab in the Blog Manager allows you to add a list of your favorite web sites to the side of your blog.

Adding links to a blog

In the Side Links tab, fill out the form for each link:


Sort value; default is 100. See Link Sorting below.


This is the text you want displayed to the user.


The target of the link, where the user will go after clicking it.

Links are not appearing in the blog

When the blog was created, by default the link table was turned "off" (because there are no links to display). To turn on the link table, go to your Theme Settings page and check "Show Favorites".

Links are STILL not appearing the blog with a custom template

If you are using a custom template, you need to make sure your template includes the [%link_table%] code.

See also: Custom Template Element Reference

My links are broken

By default, there is http:// in the URL field. Often people cut and paste the whole URL, duplicating the http:// as well. Either highlight before you paste or make sure to only have one instance of http:// at the front of the address. Use the edit link to change the URL, and use the test link to try it out and make sure it works. It also may be that the target website uses frames, and that the URL in the address bar is that of the root website and not the page you wish to link to.

Link Sorting

Unless you specify another value in the sort field, the default value is 100. The links sort first by the sort value, then by title:

100 Link A
100 Link B
100 Link C
100 Link D

If you want Link C at the top of the list, set it to 1 or any other number lower than 100:

1 Link C
100 Link A
100 Link B
100 Link D

If you decide tomorrow you want link B at the top instead, give that a sort of 1, and the others you've changed will increment:

1 Link B
2 Link C
100 Link A
100 Link D

Link block title

By default, the title is "Favorites." The field to change this is on the Theme Settings page.