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SailBlogs Help & Support

Comprehensive Wiki

Many questions & answers about using SailBlogs can be found in the SailBlogs Wiki and the User Guide. There is detailed information on all the options and settings available and usage tips & tricks.

Login Issues

If you can't remember your login information please use the Lost Password page to have the system reset you password.

You can also contact support using the contact us form. We don't email passwords for security purposes, but we can reset it for you. Be sure to include the email address you signed up with, your name, and the name of your blog.

Topic-Specific Help in the Admin

Help Information is available after you log in.
Help for each 'manager' is available by clicking on the blue diamond icon on each page. In addition, check the "getting started" link found on the Admin main page after logging into the system. See above if you cannot log in.

Contact Us

Other questions and comments can be directed to SailBlogs via the contact us form.
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