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"We're grateful for being here, wherever here is." (29 February)
A cruising boat with a racing problem... (29 February)
Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside! (29 February)
(29 February)
Exploring aboard a Maine Cat (29 February)
(29 February)
(29 February)
Circumnavigating on World ARC 2023 (29 February)
Join us for a trip from New York to Tasmania, and back, we hope. Departing Saturday. (29 February)
(28 February)
We've been threatening to do this for a while and now, by Jove, we've done it. We's gone sailing! (28 February)
This blog will cover our trip to Fiordland New Zealand. (28 February)
Continuing adventures, observations, and images. (28 February)
Sailing adventures of one man and his dog. Please feel free to leave a comment! (28 February)
(27 February)
(27 February)
Setting Sail 2024 (27 February)
Get notified of new posts by sending your email address to: sailingmakaan@gmail.com (27 February)
The adventures of Linda, Al and Jasmine on Aura (27 February)
En resa (27 February)
En resa (27 February)
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