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SailBlogs Mapping & Tracking

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The XPlot Manager is used to manage all your saved positions and tracks. It is a comprehensive tool that not only provides latitude & longitude information to maps, but is used to also geotag your blog posts and media, import and export GPS data, store extended position data (like course and speed) and take input from automated tracking devices.

By default, the XPlot Manager feeds this information to 2 maps, the lightweight and fast SailBlogs overview maps (view sample) , and as a Google Earth KML file.

Google Earth

The KML generated by XPlot is used to drive the Google Earth plugin that is integrated into most SailBlogs templates. We've chosen to use the Google Earth plugin over the more common Google Maps to provide your visitors the richest, most dynamic mapping experience available.

Visitors can also download and add the KML file into their own full copy of Google Earth. All SailBlogs KML files are defined as "network feeds", meaning that once a visitor loads your KML file, Google Earth will automatically load the most current position data. This means a visitor only has to add your file once to always have the current information available.
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