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Spruce visited Japan and Alaska in 2018 after time spent in the South Pacific, NZ, Australia and Asia.

20 September 2019 | Drake's Bay - California - USA
20 September 2019
20 September 2019
20 September 2019
20 September 2019
12 September 2019 | Fort Bragg - California - USA
12 September 2019
12 September 2019
12 September 2019
03 September 2019 | Fort Bragg - California - USA
01 September 2019 | On Passage - Newport to Fort Bragg
31 August 2019 | Toledo - Oregon
31 August 2019
31 August 2019
31 August 2019 | Newport - Oregon - USA
31 August 2019
31 August 2019
31 August 2019
31 August 2019
16 August 2019 | Astoria - Oregon - USA

Much Less Bouncy

02 April 2020 | Still On Passage
Sue & Andy
Day 22 �- 3/4/20 at 01:30utc �- Distance Logged: 2,755M �- To Go:423M
A mixture of rain clouds accompanied by brief periods of wind to 18-knots and greater periods of time with winds less than 10-knots from behind the beam has reduced our rate of advance greatly.
Amazing displays of rainbows, strange colours within heavy cloud and tremendous deluges of occasional rainfall, most miss us, make up our days. The frustration is palpable: to be so close to our goal but often making only around 100-miles or less per day. We shall continue to plod onwards reducing the distance little by little each day...and eventually we shall arrive.

Much Less Bouncy

30 March 2020 | Still On Passage
Sue & Andy
Day 19 �- 31/3/20 at 00:50utc �- Distance Logged: 2,411M �- To Go:761M
Several days have passed with winds in the 17-22kn range across the beam. One morning a particularly ominous dark-grey mass of cloud came overhead to treat us to lashings of tropical rainfall, 60-degree wind-shifts and almost 30-knots of breeze. It stayed with us long enough to whip up some rather confused seas. Today, things have smoothed out a little, we have the reefs out and are broad reaching. There is an expectation of wind reducing further tonight and we may suffer from too little wind over the next few days. Although a reduction in the rate of progress will be missed, a chance to open hatches and air the boat through will be most welcome.
Flying fish have been abundant. Huge shoals turn into airborne flocks of shimmering green-blue-silver. They expertly fly around the waves some considerable distance before disappearing beneath the choppy white-capped flecked ocean.
We continue to fare well. There is still some fresh produce aboard but it is fast reducing in these latter stages of the passage.

Dances with Waves

26 March 2020 | On Passage - Mexico to South Pacific (Day-15)
Sue & Andy
Day 15�- 27/3/20 at 00:06utc - Distance logged:1,802M �- Distance to Go: 1,365M - Ave Speed: 5.2kn
We are close reaching in around 15kn trade winds. It is a bouncy ride but we hope to be a little more onto a beam reach tomorrow. The waves are somewhat disorganised and we are angling I to them so this is not very comfortable sailing...much nicer to be going downwind. Although we are now doing 6.5-7kn.

More Wind Tomorrow

24 March 2020 | On Passage - Mexico to South Pacific (Day-13)
Sue & Andy
Day 13�- 25/3/20 at 00:16utc - Distance logged:1,537M �- Distance to Go: 1,615M - Ave Speed: 5.1kn
After a fast night, the winds have eased a little today and there is a little more east in them...but not for long. We are making good progress south and soon expect to have stronger winds from ahead of the beam. A wet close reach is anticipated. Blog updates may necessarily reduce over the next week or so, typing while bouncing excessively is much more difficult.
By tomorrow morning we should have passed our half way point.
Photo shows Sue enjoying the last of the smoother conditions before we hunker down. Even so, this next leg still should be much more pleasant than the slog in the NE Monsoon 2-years ago, sailing up to Japan: there we suffered days of 25-30knot winds.

Seventh Time Lucky

23 March 2020 | On Passage - Mexico to French Polynesia (Day-12)
Sue & Andy
Day 12�- 23/3/20 at 23:59:30utc - Distance logged:1,413M �- Distance to Go: 1,736M - Ave Speed: 5.2kn (Oops got date wrong y'day)
At 05:00 local time today we crossed the line (equator) for the seventh time aboard Spruce. This was probably the best experience yet, in terms of minimal convection activity and winds that have enabled us to sail almost the entire way through.
We are now very close reaching in 10-knots of wind. It is already getting bouncy and we are making around 6-knots. Although we are once again bucking a half knot of foul current. It is hoped the wind will ease back a little more into the south eas,t instead of SSE biased as at the moment.
Photo shows us paying homage to Neptune. But a wee sip for the two of us, and a tot into the ocean to give thanks for the generous weather.

South East Trades!

22 March 2020 | On Passage - Mexico to French Polynesia (Day-11)
Sue & Andy
Day 11�- 23/3/20 at 23:59utc - Distance logged:1,290M �- Distance to Go: 1,857M - Ave Speed: 5.1kn
Mundane chores must go on. We are taking the opportunity in this lighter wind zone near the equator to get some washing done. We are sure we are in the SE Trades now. For 24hours we have had SE winds and we hope to cross the equator during the night ahead, another 50-miles and we shall pay homage to Neptune & Poseidon with a nip of the strong stuff. A sniff for ourselves and a tot for the gentleman beneath the waves.
Another couple hundred miles of southing and we shall get stronger winds, possibly from ahead of the beam. Life will get boisterous, the hatches will be firmly clamped shut and below decks will be come humid and stuffy. Washing clothes will become pointless as spray across the decks will make drying them impossible.
We shall continue aiming east of our destination, so when we get into the stronger trade wind zone, farther south, we can bear away to make the ride for the final thousand miles more comfortable.
Vessel Name: Spruce
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg Rassy 42 - Enderlein Design
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, UK
Crew: Sue & Andy
About: Sue is an artist, plays the flute and guitar. Andy enjoys technical challenges and hoped to learn to speak more Spanish. Unsuccessfully:-( Maybe this year?
Extra: During 2013 and 2014 we sailed across the Pacific to New Zealand and then Australia. 2015-18 brought us from Asia to Washington State via the Noorth pacific Rim. In 2019 we aim to cruise BC and then head south to Mexico.
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Spruce's Photos - The Kingdom of Tonga
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Andy delivering filled dive tanks, thanks to Mystic Moon.
Spot tailed blennies.
A giant clam
Sue and Andy at the Pagodas dive sight.
Photo from sy Iolea
From Iolea together again after so many months.
happy after the feast night at Utulea.
Bill and Caroline decorated with flower leas after the feast.
Young performers in traditional costume.
Enthusiac welcome from the young lads dancing for us.
Jess and Duncan on sy Alliance from Falmouth uk.
Lape Island Primary school.
Dinner is cooking.
Perhaps they have exotic chickens here.
Kolio gives a tour of Lape Island.
An old dwelling on Lape
Our little friend.
Solar power.
The women of Lape after church.
The traditioanal weaving worn as a sign of respect.
Anna the wife of the Minister
A cava session in the building by the church....this happens starts 5 minutes after the service.
Kolio shows us the pandanas grown for the basket weaving.
The pandanas leaves drying ready for weaving.
A traditional weave .
Kolio in traditional dress.
Close up of Kolio
Another weave
All the family goes to church.
Our flower lei
Kathy  and Sue on Whale watching trip.
Kathy and Andy s/y Mystic Moon.
Whale flukes.
Cindy captures the moment
Its behind you!
Traditional basket bought in Niafu market.
Swollow cave.
Look at this wopper coral!
The coral garden near Lape island.
Dusky Anemone fish
Blue coral!
Coral garden near Lape.
A moorish Idol.
Pig roast on Lape Isaland
Bana plates for the feast the trick was to keep it level otherwise all the juices spilt in your lap.
Traditiona.l dancing on Lape Isalnd
Hair washing Lape style.
Sue with LOse the primary school teacher on Lape island.
the crew of S/Y Amara Arriving for the feast.
Lose great us with flower lais
Flying foxes hanging in the tree ready for their night antics.
A traditional boat.
An array of beautiful baskets in the market.
More lovely baskets.
Spruce and Bravo along side at the customs dock waiting for the nice man to come and see us.
Island houses
Andy needs a shave after a couple of days on passage.
The water is so blue.
Sue happy to be arriving in the Kingdom of Tonga.
Andy tackling the juicy tuna caught at first light.