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SailBlogs Member Group - Northwest Cruisers

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Northwest Cruisers
For anyone interested in sailing the Pacific Northwest
60 Members
Leopard 46 wrote on
16 March 2013 13:45:42Z
Hi everyone, My son is 23 Years old. He has just finished his Day Skippers ticket. He is looking for an opportunity to crew in order to build sea miles to progress to his next ticket. Inbox me or better still mail me on cycletronc1 at hotmail dot com if you have a berth available. Many thanks Shaun
Sound Affect wrote on
04 February 2012 18:25:11Z
Hello, all. My wife and I own a Hunter 38, currently moored at DeLin Docks in Foss Waterway in Tacoma. Last summer was our first summer cruising in the Puget Sound. We are planning to cruise in the future north into Canada. I am interested in the what the typical sailing vessel our size uses for anchor and ground tackle. What do most people carry in terms of anchor weight, length of chain and length of nylon. Any advice would be very welcome!
Sommervind2 wrote on
11 November 2010 09:51:34Z
Hello everyone. I am new to the group as you can see but excited to join in. I have been vacationing and sailing around the San Juan and Gulf Islands since I was a little boy. Now I am dreaming of expanding my area experience with a sail up the Inland Passage to Juneau. I am hoping that I can use you all to help get me started headed in the right direction. I am curious to learn from those that have sailed up there if they think I can do the trip in a chartered boat out of Anacourtes. (I have chartered boats there for the past 15 years each summer) These boats are never "genuine blue water boats" as you know. I have access to a Dawson 26 which is a stong boat but is maybe too small for my group. What do you think are the possibilites. Question 2, what are the best tools you all would recommend for planning a trip? Thank you before hand for you help and understanding for a "green, bluewater sailer".
Kokomo wrote on
06 August 2010 20:02:37Z
We've spent our life sailing the Puget sound and are now ready to head south to Mexico and beoynd. Looking ofrward to keeping in touch with people that like sailing the north west
Cygnet wrote on
15 June 2010 16:27:34Z
Itinerary Saturday 7/3/2010 Oly to Boston Harbor Sunday 7/4/2010 Boston Harbor to: Gig Harbor/Tacoma /Dockton- Quartermaster/Foss/Blake Is. Monday 7/5/2010 Bell Harbor(Seattle) Tuesday 7/6/2010 Port Townsend/Port Hudson Wednesday 7/7/2010 Friday Harbor Thursday 7/8/2010 TBD Friday 7/9/2010 TBD Saturday 7/10/2010 TBD Sunday 7/11/2010 TBD Monday 7/12/2010 TBD Tuesday 7/13/2010 TBD Wednesday 7/14/2010 TBD Thursday 7/15/2010 TBD Friday 7/16/2010 Port Townsend/Port Hudson/Port Ludlow Saturday 7/17/2010 Blake Island/Gig Harbor/Docton/Quartermaster Sunday 7/18/2010 Olympia That's it etched in jell-o I think it's in the frig starting to thicken a bit. Who wants to raft up?
Cygnet wrote on
14 June 2010 16:12:20Z
Well it looks like we have our travel dates pretty much set. July 3, 2010 is departure day. Return is July 18th, give or take a couple of days. Now the Itinerary is written in jell-o and looks like this: July 3- Olympia to Boston Harbor, watch fireworks. July 4- Boston Harbor to Gig Harbor or Tacoma or Quartermaster Harbor July 5-Bell Harbor or some place in Seattle to pick up my daughter Katie July 6- Port Hudson/Port Townsend July 7-Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, find out where Andiamo is and meet up July 8 - July 15th Island hopping San Juan and Gulf Islands with friends July 15- July 18 Homeward bound I'll fill in the banks as we travel. Most of our trips go something like this. We plan the major stops for fuel and provisions and the rest we'll tell you about it as it happens or when we get back.
06 May 2010 17:06:19Z
On June 15 we start a 13 month cruise around the PNW! And after that...south?
Eagle wrote on
20 December 2009 02:03:52Z
Glad to be here..getting SV Eagle ready to cut the dockline soon, but love our time up here in Puget Sound
ABACUS wrote on
12 June 2009 03:12:37Z
We plan to spend the rest of the summer north of where the boat is now- Sidney, and head back when it gets cold. Any off the book great places to anchor you'd like to share.
JAVA wrote on
06 May 2008 21:10:58Z
This group is for anyone who is interested in boating in the Great Pacific Northwest.
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