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For boats also belonging to the Seven Seas Cruising Association
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Leopard 46 wrote on
16 March 2013 13:44:36Z
Hi everyone, My son is 23 Years old. He has just finished his Day Skippers ticket. He is looking for an opportunity to crew in order to build sea miles to progress to his next ticket. Inbox me or better still mail me on cycletronc1 at hotmail dot com if you have a berth available. Many thanks Shaun
Aurawind wrote on
10 November 2010 22:40:04Z
Greetings. My name is Mitch Davies and I have just written a book that involves sailing. This is not a sales pitch but a request for assistance. I am not a sailor and I have written an adventure that has some sailing activities described throughout the book. I would like to condense those sections into a document and have a real sailor take a quick look and let me know if it reads like sailing information and if not where it could stand for improvement. I can't pay but will gladly thank the reviewer inside the cover and will send a free copy of the book which is due to be out in January. If anyone in this group is willing to give it a read I please send me an email. It will be no more than 30 pages of reading. Thanks. Mitch Davies
Tiger Lilly wrote on
01 September 2010 13:07:07Z
Hi there! Lilly & Tom here. Tom has owned S/V Tiger Lilly since 1987, sailed her over 50,000 miles (including a 1987-1991 Milk Run circumnavigation as S/V Jean Marie), and we are currently getting her ready for a second time around. This time we plan to go south via the Great Capes. We intend to leave Jacksonville for the West Indies in the spring of 2011. In 1987 newly retired Tom joined SSCA as he and his family attended his first GAM as they departed the USA on a voyage around the world. What an exciting time! In 1991 he was back in Fort Lauderdale for only his second meeting of SSCA, and found himself elected to the Board of Directors and President! We have seen many changes over the years, but the wonderful spirit of SSCA camaraderie remains as strong as ever. Over these past 23 years we have really profited from and enjoyed being SSCA members. Warm regards to all our fellow SSCA cruisers. tom.service47@yahoo.com KG4SNA
Tender Spirit wrote on
17 March 2010 20:11:08Z
For a short article about SSCA, stop by my blog (sailblogs.com/member/tenderspirit/).
Tender Spirit wrote on
16 December 2009 06:42:26Z
What happened to the SSCA web page? Do they know that it has been listed as "dangerous" and blocked by google?
Verdande wrote on
28 March 2009 16:15:50Z
hello to all the other members of ssca.org. Also take a look at the group Oceanswatch.
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