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Salty Dogs
For cruisers with dogs aboard.
43 Members
Molonga wrote on
03 May 2011 12:42:49Z
HI IM TRAVELLING THROUGH SE ASIA and would like to know if anyone has taken a dog with them through these countries
YPAKE wrote on
03 October 2010 17:13:26Z
Hi we are new on the group, ouer dog is MAX a yellow lab of 45 kg and 3 years and a half , also we have a cat Sofia of 1 and ahlaf year old. We are from Patagonia and now anchor in Salvador but heading to Carib next month, first Trinidad , please any body have info about goes with dog to Trinidad? Thanks and cheers to everybody. Zeek
Dreams Float wrote on
11 August 2010 18:15:18Z
We will be live-aboard full time cruisers on Oct 14. We have 2 Bichons and we are heading to The Bahamas. We have all of the appropriate documents and shots, etc. Our problem is with the rule that you have a vet see your dog 48 hours before you arrive. What vet and where? I don’t believe sailors can determine a 48 hour window like that. Do any of you have any helpful hints for new Salty Dogs???
Sandy Paws wrote on
15 April 2010 19:26:15Z
Hope that there is someone out there. Noticed all the blogs were old. Us "dog" Cruisers need support. LOL We're living aboard with 4, 3 of which are Danes...:O and one Maltese that we refer to as "drop kick". Her real name is Coconut. We had one of our girl Danes, Kati, fall off the very narrow finger pier this morning and scratched herself. We did, however, discover that she is quite the little swimmer. It didn't seem to bother her especially infact she acted like she rather enjoyed her brief swim. Our biggest problems cruising with 4 dogs is, of course, keeping the boat clean and making sure the Danes get enough exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Also, we go through about 150 lbs of dog food a month so storage has to be considered. Right now we have 280 lbs stored in one of the guests cabins... This, of curse, translates into fewer guests...oh well. lol Getting ready to leave for the Bahamas as soon as the weather lays down. Would LOVE to find out what other dog cruisers are planning out there.
25 October 2009 23:04:58Z
Lorelei- Thanks for the great information. We haven't had any trouble clearing into The Dominican or The Bahamas. We are traveling further South this season and will be sure to relay anything we experience that might be helpful. Cheryl-Cloud Messenger
Lorelei wrote on
04 October 2009 17:50:39Z
For those anticipating or planning extended cruising with their pets, make sure you have enough of their normal heartworm/flea preventive for the entire trip. Other recommendations are to have a good supply of their normal food, otic and optic ointments (infections), a good anti-fungal shampoo, spray and ointment (tropics are notorious for fungal infections!), broad spectrum antibiotics, and a good anti-diarrhea med. We have had 2 bouts of intestinal parasites (worming every 6 months now, regardless) and 2 bouts with fungal infections (skin). We brought 6 months worth of their normal food and have had to buy locally since. Most of the meds can be bought OTC in the Latin American countries - check with your vet about what to look for. Also make sure you have complete copies of your pet's medical records. The only countries we needed documentation to enter the dogs was the Bahamas (in advance), and Panama (had to pay $15 for a quarrantine certificate - no big deal). We've yet to travel to Belize, where I understand the regulations are a bit stricter. Any other experiences we haven't covered? I thought it would be more difficult than it has been so far...
Lorelei wrote on
26 September 2009 21:07:27Z
Anyone have info on clearing into Belize with dogs?
Lorelei wrote on
26 September 2009 18:03:28Z
Hi all - we're new on SailBlog. Gary and Patty are our human companions. Our names are Pearl and Bodee. Pearl is a mixed breed, 30 lb female, Bodee is a Boston Terrier, male. Both are neutered. Pearl is getting better with the rolling, Bodee only gets sick once in a while. So far, we've been through the Bahama chain, Turks & Caicos, Luperon, Bocas del Toro, Panama, Isla Providencia, Cayo Vivarillos, Roatan, and right now we're having fun in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala.
PRIM wrote on
02 August 2009 13:07:58Z
Max left us July 6th. Mercifully, it was quick and he was never in distress. Yesterday, we arrived in Fishing Bay, Deltaville, VA where we will stay for a month or so. Blackie and Red are having a ball and still keep us in stitches. We might cross tracks with you in Oriental this fall.
19 July 2009 17:53:46Z
Ahhh Pete....so sorry to here of Max's health failing. I know what it is to lose an old dog. My sympathies. They never live long enough!
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