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World Cruising Wiki
A free, online world cruising guide - built by cruisers, for cruisers. Information on world ports, passages, marinas, anchorages, customs and immigration, etc. - "Grab a page and build it"
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Prrrfection wrote on
23 April 2010 02:28:19Z
Prrrfection - we are currently in FIJI. need any advice/help? read our blogs , we would like to help...
Cruising Wiki wrote on
01 May 2009 06:18:37Z
The World Cruising and Sailing Wiki is a collaborative effort by cruisers from all around the world, to willingly share their knowledge of cruising around the world for the benefit of all who follow in their wake. Unlike a static website or printed publication that soon becomes outdated, this Cruising Wiki will always be up-to-date as members from all around the world have the ability to alter/edit/add to articles on this free, online World Cruising Guide, 24 hours a day. The World Cruising and Sailing Wiki has been established so that all cruisers around the world can have free access to as much information on cruising around the world as possible. Information on Countries, Immigration and Customs procedures, world ports, navigation and approaches, marinas, anchorages, etc. A FREE, ONLINE WORLD CRUISING GUIDE! This Cruising and Sailing Wiki is a resource to which all cruisers are encouraged to freely contribute and thereby help to build a great reference resource for the benefit of all cruisers that are sailing around the world. The World Cruising and Sailing Wiki's objectives:- * To provide all cruisers with a one-stop interactive resource which members can annotate, correct and add to. * To provide current information regarding cruising destinations. * To provide information that is based on recent factual experience, information that is continually updated. * To provide information that is easily understood and if possible, is supported by images and graphics. Add your valuable knowledge so that others who are following in your wake can benefit. Sharing their knowledge in the true cruising spirit. Even editing spelling and grammar is a huge help. "Grab a page and build it!"
Cruising Wiki
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