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Over 50
For those who never lost their spirit of adventure
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Why Knot wrote on
07 December 2010 21:29:17Z
Back in Fernandina Beach, Florida looking for warm weather. It isn't happening here tonight. We have had the pleasure of meeting several Canadian boats heading to the Islands. New friends are just a few of the reasons to get out there.
Tiger Lilly wrote on
01 September 2010 12:45:09Z
Hi there, Lilly & Tom here. Tom has owned S/V Tiger Lilly since 1987, sailed her over 50,000 miles (including a 1987-1991 Milk Run circumnavigation as S/V Jean Marie), and we are currently getting her ready to go around a second time. This time we plan to go south via the Great Capes. We intend to leave Jacksonville for the West Indies in the spring of 2011. Warm regards to all our fellow "mature" cruisers. tom.service47@yahoo.com
Sandy Paws wrote on
15 April 2010 21:03:10Z
Well, we're going into our 32nd year of cruising together. Started out together at age 35...I'll let you do the math. We took off work in 92 intending to cruise for a couple of years and ended up going for 6. Started out on a 50' Gulfstar S/V then moved to a 48' Hatt. LRC. Both nice boats and we had a wonderful 6 years. Came back in '98, went back to teaching for a few years, retired (yea) and are now getting ready to take off again on our Fleming 55'. We've had her for 3 years now and like her a lot. Headed for the Bahamas...we think. We spent 2 months at Mangoes last May and June and except for the weather had a great time. The Bahamas are wonderful, good food, great people and super cruising. Hope to meet new friends while there, will probably stay at Mangoes again. Rey, the dock master there, is really helpful.
02 April 2010 21:04:28Z
well, pushing the double-nickle birthday and the sweetie is coming up on the big 50 so if we plan on doing much diving and ocean research we need to get started. Maybe this time next year we'll be in the water. Nice to be here. Hope to find new friends.
Esea Livin wrote on
12 March 2010 14:23:10Z
Hi all you oldies LOL we are beginning to live our dream. Will be moving onboard sometime this year. Love to talk to all of you. Yes we are well over 50...LOL
La Sirena wrote on
06 January 2010 01:54:28Z
Way over 50 and happy that we are still living our dream. Currently enjoying our second season in Cartagena, Colombia, and looking forward to new horizons next season.
21 November 2009 01:52:02Z
Hi All My husband and I are on our way to retiring next Sept /10. We now have a boat in the Sunsail Fleet which we want to sell and buy a bigger one. My Doctor gave us this site to join so here we are.
PRIM wrote on
10 November 2009 11:30:20Z
Currently holed up at the Downtown Marina in Beaufort, SC while the rains go through. One of the boats from Fishing Bay Harbor Marina is here with many others. Rain party?
PRIM wrote on
03 November 2009 12:57:18Z
Pokey and I with our mini-doxies Blackie and Red are currently enjoying a stopover with family at Folly Beach outside of Charleston. In a few days, we will be back on the ICW heading for Beaufort, then St. Mary's, and on to New Smyrna Beach. End goal is Marathon Key.
Lorelei wrote on
26 September 2009 18:39:32Z
Gary, myself and our two dogs left Florida in December 2008, have been through the Bahamas chain, TCI, Luperon, Jamaica, Panama (Carib. side), Isla Providencia, Roatan and are now holed up in Rio Dulce, Guatemala for the hurricane season. Planning has taken about 5 years (getting the boat ready, getting our financials & family obligations ready), and we're finally living the dream!
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