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SailBlogs Member Group - Female Sailors

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Female Sailors
Need a testosterone break? Ladies let's chat!
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Boheme wrote on
02 September 2014 02:02:32Z
Hi everyone! We are in the very beginning stages of chasing down the dream, but I finally have a reason to blog! Just posted my first entry tonight. I hope you'll read it and find a reason to follow along on our journey. :D http://www.sailblogs.com/member/boheme/
Iur wrote on
27 September 2013 18:44:29Z
Hey there! I xoe, My partner and I just set out for a trip from Wa to Hawaii, we are currently in Sausalito, headed to Santa Barbara for work, then off to the islands. It's our first big trip in the trimaran he built. check out our blog! Give me some tips if you are experienced! I would love to hear from other female sailors.
WHY NOT wrote on
20 February 2013 10:36:41Z
Hi, I see that there is not much interest in this group for quite a while, but if someone doesn't use it, it will never get used. My name is Tracey, sailing with my partner Richard. We have a 45.2 sun odyssey and have been sailing for 2 years now. We bought the boat in Portugal and have sailed her up the Spanish coast, over to Balearics and then over to Sardinia & Corsica. We are now in Toulon for the winter and hope to head to Greece in April. I thought this group would be good to join for the simple reason of not having a female to chat to, the normal thing women are from Venus etc. and we all know how women like to talk. So I am going to make an effort to revive this group. So comeon ladies, let us know what you are up to. Whether you have had a good day or a bad day, or just want to vent that you don't really give a damn which way the winds blowing lol.
Parallax wrote on
24 June 2012 17:31:24Z
If you are sailing with others/family, are you the one who mostly does the blogging and takes the pictures? Come by and visit our blog, I update every time we move and in between if we're in one harbor for several days. Why the post? Ladies, we've had no Message posts since 2010, this can't be right! :-)
wrote on
09 October 2010 00:15:09Z
Hello lovely ass kickin sailor babes!! I am a sailor and a fashion student trying to improve on the sailing apparel for women. I just have a few questions so I know I make clothing that will appeal to most of us. Please help me by answering my little 20 question survey at www.surveymonkey.com/wsailingapparel Thank you!
Dream Gift wrote on
06 January 2010 07:33:14Z
Hi. OMG what am I getting into! My lunatic of a husband finally has his dream of a live-aboard boat. Guess what that makes me... the psychotic wife that is going to join him. It's small, somewhere in the 20' range, but there's the future of possibly getting bigger. Not me, the boat. :) The last time I was on a boat before I met hubby I was too young to remember much, so this ought to be an interesting experience... maybe... I think... God I hope so! (Has anybody seen my barf bucket?) He started me on this boat that was, like *valley girl* OH MY GOD sleak, beautiful, and fast. Yep, that's a Sea Ray for you, a 16', 40+ mph ski boat! Now he's got this 20-something foot cabin cruiser and is bound and determined to move onto it this year. So, if anybody has advice, I could sure use it.
Focus II wrote on
01 October 2009 11:39:59Z
Hello! ice to find a space for female sailors too, good idea! Im a sailor because of my husbend, he is a long time sailor, I only have 3 years. But let me tell you some thing, i love it! Im onge of only 2 female "racing" sailor in the DR. meaning I go to the Ragata, work hard, do my best and having fun in the mean time! any how, great thing this group! // Let the wind blow!
Lorelei wrote on
26 September 2009 18:12:43Z
Hi all! I am not a single hander, but I would LOVE to share ideas/experiences with other sailing women. I am trying to put a feature piece together for Sail Magazine about the disparate numbers of female solos vs male solos. I have only met 2 other female singlehanders in my 3000 mile trek from the States to Panama to Guatemala. Please get back to me with your experience regarding this, or with any input. Great talking to you!
Raven wrote on
03 June 2009 02:50:18Z
If anyone noticed I am back on land and have Raven up for sale. But I am still using Sailblogs as our blog and since I started the group I thought I'd hang out, ha,ha. Glad to see so many members.
MIST wrote on
01 June 2009 23:18:03Z
Hello to all! Good idea to have a group for woman sailors whether we are sailing in the company of our boyfriends, husbands or singlehanding it is nice to have a group for the girls... afterall we can sail too!! We know about engine work (or should), can scrape the bottom, climb the mast, set a spinnaker, as well as navigate in and about marinas with relative ease! We can also be ham's - haha. Great to have you all here to talk about stuff other than 'pink' jobs or just being the cook (although that is a given).We certainly can talk about more than just diva cups for god sake!! Cheers to all the sailing/cruising gals! -Susan
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