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The Voyages of Mark & Deanna Roozendaal

18 September 2016 | 17 46.37'S:177 10.96'E, Malolo Island, Fiji
10 September 2016 | 17 16.42'S:177 6.99'E, Waya Island, Yasawa Group, Fiji
06 September 2016 | 17 26.50'S:178 57.09'E, Makogai Island, Fiji
03 September 2016 | 16 46.69'S:179 20.03'E, Savusavu, Fiji
23 August 2016 | 16 46.66'S:179 19.63'W, Savusavu, Fiji
22 August 2016 | 17 51'S:178 43'W, On Passage
21 August 2016 | 18 12'S:176 23'W, On Passage
19 August 2016 | 18 39.12'S:173 59.14'W, Neiafu, Tonga
08 August 2016 | 18 41.96'S:174 01.77'W, Port Maurelle, Vava'u Tonga
07 August 2016 | 18 38.65'S:173 59.61'W, Neiafu, Tonga
04 August 2016 | Vava'u Boatyard, Neiafu, Tonga
31 July 2016 | Neiafu, Tonga
26 July 2016 | 13 14.85'S:163 6.53'W, Anchorage Island, Suwarrow Atoll
22 July 2016 | 13 14.85'S:163 6.53'W, Anchorage Island, Suwarrow Atoll
21 July 2016 | 13 40.88'S:161 37.64'W, Between Bora Bora and Suwarrow Atoll
20 July 2016 | 14 9.49'S:159 27.18'W, Between Bora Bora and Suwarrow Atoll
19 July 2016 | 14 56.57'S:156 47.70'W, Between Bora Bora and Suwarrow Atoll
18 July 2016 | 15 35.45'S:154 27.72'W, On Passage
15 July 2016 | 16 31.645'S:151 4.77'W, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

That's all Folks!

24 November 2016 | 26 41.15'S:153 7.72'E, Mooloolaba, Australia
Dee and I have been in Mooloolaba for nearly two weeks, enjoying our time in this small, seaside city. It is a wonderful place with friendly people, great seaside promenades, and more coffee shops than even in Victoria. We would live here in a minute!

But, we are not moving to Australia. Our main purpose here is to prep Speakeasy for sale.

Yes, this is the end of this adventure for us. We are currently going through the expensive process of importing Speakeasy to Australia and then we will be listing her with Multihull Solutions. Some lucky buyer is going to have one heck of an awesome boat. We looked into shipping her back to Canada, but it made more financial sense to sell the boat here. Cats are hot properties in this part of Australia due to the great, and shallow, cruising grounds close by.

For us, this is a chapter of our lives that is closing pretty quickly. We are saying good-bye to lots of good cruising friends as we prepare to leave Australia this weekend. After a visit to New Zealand, we'll be back in Victoria by Christmas and look forward to seeing all of our BC friends again.

In the new year Mark will be rejoining his team at RE/MAX Camosun and Dee is contemplating stepping back into a career again as well.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on our blog these last several years. We enjoyed having you all along for the ride, and what a great ride it was!

Picture: Speakeasy all spic & span with her new sailcovers in Mooloolaba Marina. This will be her home until she is sold.

Another Stormy Night?

13 November 2016 | 25 54.12'S:153 01.72'E, Tin Can Bay, Australia
Tonight, we are anchored deep in Tin Can Bay. It was another very hot day, and that means more thunderstorms tonight. It looks like it will be another doozy!

Tomorrow morning, at 4am, we will start our final leg to Mooloolaba. The only slightly stressful part is the bar crossing heading out of Wide Bay. But, the forecast is good and we will be going out at the top of the incoming tide - the recommendation for this bar.

On our way to Mooloolaba

12 November 2016 | 25 31.69'S:152 57.91'E, Fraser Island, Australia
As the sun came up this morning at around 5am we left the Port Bundaberg Marina and headed south towards Mooloolaba.

We had a great time in Bundaberg and can't say enough good things about the marina staff, the boatyard staff, and the businesses in the area. Everyone was definitely "open for business" and did a great job to meet our needs. We've got new bottom paint, new sail covers on the way, and a few other little issues corrected. Our wallet is a lot lighter! Darn, these first-world prices!

The town of Bundaberg was great and we did our best to fit in some sightseeing between the boat jobs. Besides visiting the koala's and kangaroo's at a nearby zoo, one of the best tours was to the Bundaberg rum distillery. We drank a lot of rum there, and of course, forgot to take any photos! But, the rum was excellent, even if most of the bottles were well out of my price range.

Today, after leaving Bundy, we had a great 60 mile sail south across Hervey Bay and into the Great Sandy Strait. This strait is exactly as it sounds. Lots of winding channels, lots of sandbars, and not much deep water anywhere. It was a very nice sail with 15-18 knots of wind from behind for most of the day. Of course, just as we came to our anchorage a thunderstorm and squall moved in with nearly 30 knots of wind! It was a bit of a fire drill rounding up and getting the sails down in the narrow channel, but all is now good and we are comfortably anchored. We can't get out of the wind here, but the water is pretty flat at least.

There are a few thunderstorms about, and more forecast for tomorrow, so we may stay here, or move another 30 miles south, depending on the weather. We have a bar crossing coming up the day after that which we will need good weather for!
Vessel Name: Speakeasy
Vessel Make/Model: 2007 Manta IV 42' Catamaran
Hailing Port: Victoria, BC, Canada
Crew: Mark & Deanna Roozendaal
In 2005 we were lucky enough to be able to take a one year sabbatical where we sailed from Victoria BC to Mexico and Hawaii in our Catalina 42. We had a fantastic time! As soon as we returned home, we started dreaming about our next trip. [...]
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Welcome to "Speakeasy" a 2007 Manta 42 Mark IV Catamaran.  Manta
The settee seats six plus for dinner.  The stools provide great additional storage.
To port of the settee is an exceptionally large fridge with separate freezer and the standing chart table.
The u-shaped galley is very well designed and even has an exhaust fan.
Heading down from the bridge deck into the owners port hull.
The owners stateroom has a full size queen berth with a custom inner-spring mattress.  It
The owners head is huge, bright, and has a separate shower.
Heading down from the bridge deck into the starboard guest hull.
The guest stateroom has a full size queen mattress, three opening ports, and a hanging locker.  It
The guest head is also quite spacious and has a separate shower stall.
Reached by passing through the guest head, the forward guess stateroom offers a 3rd double bunk (small) and houses our washer / dryer.
Setup for single handing, all lines and instruments lead back to the helm.  One winch handles virtually all lines, and is power.  Visibility is excellent from this comfortable perch.
at the back of the cockpit is a large sling seat that is the ultimate covered spot to sit.  Because you are so high, visibility is awesome.
The front trampoline is a great spot to hang out with friends.
Our jib is a self-tacking setup with a camber spar.  We also have a very large asymmetrical spinnaker on a roller furling.  We can also move the furler from port to starboard to maiximize efficiency.
The boat came with a catamaran RIB dinghy.  It was fast and maneuverable, but a bit finicky.  We

Speakeasy - Manta 42 Catamaran

Who: Mark & Deanna Roozendaal
Port: Victoria, BC, Canada

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