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Home by May 1st

30 April 2019 | Urbanna Creek
glenda groome
We have had an uneventful trip home. While we are just fifteen miles from entering the Chesapeake, the flies have been welcoming us for the last ten miles. You know you are getting close when you see those things swarm in one after another. Greg and I have been out of practice as it is not something we see much of in the Bahamas. Oh well, fly swatter in hand and bodies are dropping "like flies".

This part of the trip up along the North Carolina coast seems to be the longest as we are not getting much help from the sails and we are battling a current. The wind speed which was up to 15 knots has now dropped to 7 so we will crank the engine up just a little to make us feel we are getting home a little quicker.

Now entering the Chesapeake it is still pretty calm but visibility is low. We enjoy getting through the tunnel area without too much trouble. Once we have cleared through the tricky areas, I go down for my nap. Within an hour the winds have picked up and from below it feels like we are flying. I come back up to check on the captain who says it is too rough and he will hold the wheel a while longer.

3:00 am and we are at the mouth of the Rappahannock. HOME......almost!
With our new marina for Ti Amo we have about 15 miles to relax and await daybreak so we can enter the creek. Life is good.

And just like that we are under the Norris Bridge at 04:30 am and headed for the channel. Hoping for a little daylight before we get there so we slow it down a bit.

By 6:30 the sun was coming up and the boat was tied up at her new home. Nice amenities.....pool, bathrooms, floating docks and two parking lots. Pretty nice.

Good to be home!
Vessel Name: Ti Amo
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47 LRC
Hailing Port: Topping, VA
Crew: Greg and Glenda Groome
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Who: Greg and Glenda Groome
Port: Topping, VA